Teams of our Lady is structured on a collegial basis. The international team has overall responsibility for the movement, and comprises married couples from different countries assisted by a spiritual counsellor. 

The country of Canada is considered a Region. There is a Canada Regional Team that supports the Movement in Canada, with the Canada Regional Responsible Couple being the main liaison with the international team. Learn more about the Canada Regional Team here.

Within Canada there are several sectors organized under Canada West, Canada Central and Canada East. 

Each of those sectors have Teams. 

Each Team is composed of between five and seven couples and a spiritual counsellor, and they remain in contact with one another through a responsible couple which presides over the team. The team votes for its Responsible Couple every year. Teams in the same town (or geographical area) make up one or more sectors, and the sectors make up regions. The life of the movement depends entirely upon the voluntary offering of time, effort and resources by the couples themselves.  


Canada has the following Sectors: