History of Mississauga-Hamilton Sector

We are Elaine and Gordon Drake and we are delighted to be the Sector Couple for Mississauga-Hamilton in the Central Zone. We have been married since 2006 and have two beautiful daughters, Lizzie and Karen. Since joining Teams of Our Lady in 2014, we have been benefitted immensely from the example of our fellow couples who strive to live out the Endeavours and grow in holiness through their marriages. As Sector Couple we hope to encourage the couples in our sector to be steadfast in the practice of their endeavours, share their time and their talents to support the TOOL movement, and seek out new couples whose marriages would be enriched through belonging to Teams of Our Lady and encourage them to join.

Responsible Couple

Elaine and Gordon Drake

Email : sector.mississauga.hamilton@teamsofourlady.ca

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