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The Montreal Sector has the great privilege of counting three teams among its members that were formed as early as in the 1960s and have practically witnessed the beginnings of the movement in the Montreal area. Among them are several widows who remained faithful to the movement, even long after their spouses have passed away. Their and their teams’ exemplary commitment and invaluable contributions to the movement over several decades are a true blessing and inspiration to all of us. The Montreal sector continues to grow. Two were created during the nineties, and a “new generation” of younger teams appeared in 2008 and 2009. There are currently 11 teams in the Montreal Sector and it is part of Canada East.

Responsible Couple

Marie-France Fontaine and Bruno Singler


The meaning and beauty of Christian marriage has remained unchanged, even though in today’s society it may be less visible than in former times. Couples are still called upon to love and serve Christ in their Church together with its consecrated members – in a different manner, according to the realities of their lives. Our team members very much appreciate the experience of community, sharing, prayer and brotherly support. Are you who are reading these lines looking for a place to grow in your faith together with other Christian couples? Come and see! Christ may be calling you.

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