Welcome to Teams !

There is a place for you as a couple in a Team

One of the best ways to enrich your married spirituality and grow in your walk with Jesus Christ is to join a Team, where you’ll meet with others to build friendships, study and pray.

Build true community! Find deep and meaningful friends; couples like you that want to follow Jesus and really believe in the ideal of Christian marriage.

Teams of our Lady is an international movement in the Catholic Church and approved by the Vatican. Saint Pope John-Paul II spoke with high regard of the movement at an audience:

“Your Movement has developed its own pedagogy, based on ‘concrete points of endeavour’ which help you as a couple to grow together in holiness”

Benefits of being in Teams


A recent study showed that couples around the world involved in Teams experience an increase in forgiveness, love, respect, care, tolerance, understanding, perseverance, patience, faith in God, and affection in their marriages.

Couples also reported that they felt that they had learnt to communicate better and that they were better people after joining Teams.  They also stated that Teams was a like an extended family and a great source of joy in their lives. (ERI survey 2010)

Who is Teams Designed for?

This movement is specifically tailored for Catholic couples of any age.  Teams can include newly married and couples celebrating anniversaries of any number of years.

  • As Catholic married couples, we are to travel our spiritual journey together.
  • It gives you practical steps and direction to your life as a couple and the means to discover the richness of the marriage sacrament
  • Teams is a movement of conjugal spirituality belonging to the Catholic Church and is made of couples and spiritual counselors who believe in the ideal of Christian marriage.