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In 1956, the liaison couple brought from Paris the documents necessary for the formation and the life of a team; on August 7 they received the confirmation that the Montreal 1 team existed and that it was directly attached to Paris.

In 1958, there were already 6 teams in Montreal. In 1959, Equipes Notre Dame International (ERI) confirmed the existence of the Canada sector.

In 1960, Teams started in Quebec. By 1964 Teams of Our Lady had grown to 16 teams in Montreal, 6 teams in Quebec, 4 teams in Hull-Ottawa and 6 in Sherbrooke.

The Canada sector had 48 teams, including teams not formally committed, in 1965. This lead to a request to make Canada sector a region. After an exchange of correspondence, ERI agreed to create the Canada Region in April 1966. The first regional team was created in 1970 because before that the couple responsible for the Region depended on the couple liaison with ERI. In the absence of participants, the Hull-Ottawa sector ceased operations in 1976.

In 1977, the Canada Region had 13 teams in Montreal, 11 in Sherbrooke and 10 in Quebec City. Finally, when celebrating the 30th anniversary of Teams in Canada in 1986, there were 5 teams in Montreal, 9 in Quebec City, 18 in Sherbrooke and 8 in Eastern Townships.

Fast forward to 2022, and the Estrie Sector has five teams and is part of Canada East.

Sector Couple

Isis Reyes and Yannick Boisvert

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