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Teams of Our Lady has been present in Alberta since 2000 when Father Augusto Garcia began meeting with couples in Edmonton who were looking to grow and deepen in their Catholic Faith and live more fully the sacrament of marriage. The first Team was formed in Edmonton by 6 couples. Through the generosity, testimony, and service of these as well as many couples who have since joined, the Edmonton Sector has grown to over 170 members representing 17 teams in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish and is split into Sectors A, B, and C.

Edmonton Sector C has four teams in and around the Edmonton area. All couples in Sector C speak Spanish, and there are two Spiritual Counsellors, Father Augusto Garcia, and Sister Pilar Valdez.

About the Sector Couple

In their own words:

We are Zuyeniffer Cure and Carlos Urdaneta. We have been married for 16 years and have a have an 11-year old boy. We have been in Teams for 9 years and our Team is Nuestra Señora de la Fortaleza.

Lately, we have been quite active in Teams of Our Lady, we have been a Pilot couple, we were the responsible couple of Friends of Father Caffarel and Intercessors with the former Canada Regional Team, this experience left us many blessings, much learning about Father Caffarel and above all the love and support he gave to TOOL. After this experience, we confirmed our love for the Teams, all the teachings and messages in the word of God, guiding our marriage towards the path of Holiness, always having Christ among us and with us.

We feel very blessed to be a part of this great movement and have been touched by so many couples who have helped us and enriched our marriage with their words and actions. With our team and Spiritual Counsellor, we have formed a family with which we share our joys and challenges. Thank you, God and Virgin Mary, for guiding us to the Teams of Our Lady.

Sector Couple

Zuyeniffer (Zu) Cure and Carlos Urdaneta


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