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Teams of Our Lady has been present in Alberta since 2000 when Father Augusto Garcia began meeting with couples in Edmonton who were looking to grow and deepen in their Catholic Faith and live more fully the sacrament of marriage. The first Team was formed in Edmonton by 6 couples. Through the generosity, testimony, and service of these as well as many couples who have since joined, the Alberta Sector has grown to over 170 members representing 17 teams in English, Spanish, and Portuguese located in Edmonton, Calgary, and Fort McMurray.

As the current Sector Responsible Couple, we take inspiration from the previous Sector Couples (Ivonne and Juan Serrano, Angelica and Mario Allende, Jose and Alexandra Cevallos) who have been instrumental in sharing the founding charism of TOOL to others through their testimony and dedication in service.

We are a vibrant Sector, enriched and strengthen by the diversity of the couples, Spiritual Counsellors, and Spiritual Advisors. Through the generosity of sharing our collective gifts and talents, we are able to host a number of events throughout the year that provide the opportunity to encourage TOOL community building, spiritual growth of the couples and their families, as well as encouraging the members to play an active role in the Church. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many caring people.

We look forward to serving our TOOL couples as we walk together along the path toward love, happiness and holiness.

Responsible Couple

Miriam and Terry Sharp


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