Mission & goals

“The Teams of Our Lady have as their essential aim to help couples to strive after holiness – no more, no less.” – Father Henri Caffarel

The aim of the movement is to help couples to live fully their sacrament of marriage.

The Teams of Our Lady exist in order to help couples discover the riches of the sacrament of marriage and to live out a married spirituality. Through their example, these couples are witnesses of Christian marriage in the Church and in the world.

The Teams of Our Lady is a movement of married spirituality in the Catholic Church and is composed of couples who believe in the ideal of Christian marriage and who want:

  • to remain faithful to their baptismal promises,
  • to place Christ at the heart of their life,
  • to base their married and family life on the Gospel,
  • to seek to know better the will of God for man and woman in order to fulfill it,
  • to bear witness to the love of God by their life,
  • to bring the message of Christ to the world,
  • to bear witness to Christian values in their social and working life,
  • to give active support to the Church, to the bishops and to the clergy,
  • to make their activities a collaboration with God and a service to others,
  • to promote marriage and family life in society.

Members of Teams of Our Lady unite and place themselves under the patronage of Mary the Mother of God in bearing witness to the richness of the sacrament of marriage and their Christian married spirituality in the Church and in their communities.

The Endeavours

The core of Teams of Our Lady is rooted in the ENDEAVOURS.  The Endeavours are concrete exercises that, practiced daily with commitment both as a couple and as individuals, can lead us to a true meeting with Our Lord.

The Endeavours are:

  1. Regular listening to the Word of God
  2. Daily Personal Prayer
  3. Conjugal and Family Prayer
  4. The Monthly Sit-down
  5. The Rule of Life
  6. The Annual Retreat

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