ERI Letter of June 2019

ERI Letter of January 2019

Archdiocese of Toronto website publishes article on Teams of Our Lady: Enriching Marriage Spirituality

Here is a link to an article featuring the wonderful Do Couto family from Durham. In the post, Jodi and Tiago share some of their Teams of Our Lady (TOOL) experiences with the Archdiocese of Toronto through its website.

Do Couto Family: Tiago, Judy and their 3 children

Teams of Our Lady Formation Weekend in Whitby, Ontario

Last weekend, our Sector was given an incredible opportunity to be trained and formed in the true and authentic charism and mission of Teams of Our Lady.  It is the International Leading Team’s intent to restore all teams in the world to the original ‘rule’ of Teams.  We learned that without a rule, we will not thrive in perseverance and regularity, especially in our Endeavours.

We are grateful for all those whole attended the whole weekend! We are so grateful to Marcia and Paulo for their sacrifice and time, and a HUGE thank you to Shannon and Jamie for hosting us in their home parish and serving us with smiles and the best hospitality in Durham!  A big shout-out to the CWL ladies for lunch and Bella Notte for dinner!!!  Fr. Peter Marr, you are amazing for being with us the whole weekend; THANK YOU J

Below you will find photos from the weekend; Enjoy!

Dates importantes 2015-2016

Voici quelques dates importantes pour le secteur de Montréal :

4 octobre 2015, 14:30h – Lancement d’année
Rencontre des responsables d’Équipe à Saint-Jean-Baptiste, 4240 rue Drolet, Montréal (comme l’année dernière), Montréal H2W 2L6. Un ordre du jour suivra.

10 octobre 2015 : Journée (ou w.e.) des familles avec les frères de St. Jean

Plus d’information ici (à venir bientôt)

17 octobre 2015 : Concert de Robert Lebel
Dans la Co-Cathédrale de Longueuil comme levée de fonds pour le grand rassemblement de la Région Canada en 2016.

5 décembre 2015, 10:00h à 17:00h – Fête Patronale
Au Grand Séminaire de Montréal, 2065 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3H 1G6
Le Pr. Jarek Kauffman nous donnera un bel enseignement sur le symbolisme de l’arbre. Ensuite nous décorerons un grand arbre avec les enfants. Il y a un très bel espace pour enfants et nous terminerons avec la Messe dans la magnifique Chapelle du Séminaire.

20 février 2016 : Journée (ou w.e.) des familles avec les frères de St. Jean

Plus d’information ici (à venir bientôt)

7 mai 2016 : Journée (ou w.e.) des familles avec les frères de St. Jean

Plus d’information ici (à venir bientôt)

Ce sera également notre journée (ou w.e.) de ressourcement.

Bulletin from the Friends of Father Caffarel

Read this Bulletin from the Friends of Father Caffarel, published at the beginning of 2015. PDF Document

This Bulletin from the Friends of Father Caffarel includes:

  • Closing Ceremony of the Diocesan Enquiry for the Cause of Canonisation of Father Henri Caffarel
  • Homily for the Thanksgiving Mass for the Closing of the Diocesan Enquiry for the Cause for Canonisation of Father Henri Caffarel
    In the Church of St Augustine, Paris
  • Submission of the Dossier in Rome
  • Testimonial by Cida & Raimundo Araújo
  • Father Caffarel’s Prayer
  • Membership with the Friends of Father Caffarel

A Gaze that Listens

by José & Maria-Berta Moura Soares (Responsible Couple, International Leading Team)

It was an event that will mark the history of the Teams of Our Lady: the Closing Ceremony of the diocesan Enquiry of the Cause for Canonisation of Father Caffarel, which took place on October 18th, 2014, at St Augustine’s Church, Paris. Numerous participants, Team members from many countries, family members and former friends of Father Caffarel were there.

There were two parts to the Ceremony: firstly, the apposition of the seals on the boxes containing the documents, once everyone involved in the Cause had solemnly sworn that they had accomplished their task correctly. Most of the participants had never experienced such a particularly moving event. Everyone vibrated with the joy and grace of being able to participate in such an event and we felt “the breath of the Spirit.”  Then the Thanksgiving Mass, prepared by the France Super Region, began and was attended by over 500 people. Some came from very far away: Brazil, Poland or Togo. In his homily, Monsignor de Moulins-Beaufort accentuated the depth and extent of Father Caffarel’s life and message for couples, widows and numerous people who pray.
At the end of mass, and having thanked the Team members for their presence, we cited two phrases of Father Caffarel’s that we found appropriate and important: “Some of you have said to me, ‘Leave us a spiritual testimony.’ Is that really necessary? For a disciple of Christ, isn’t the best solution to repeat the last words of his master, ‘This is my command: love each other.’” (Jn 15:17)

Since it had been a strongly emotional day and since Father Caffarel’s presence was obvious everywhere, we reminded our audience of what he wrote in his last editorial for the letter.

“I would like to shake your hands, every one of you and look at you in the eyes. A Dieu!”
— Fr. Caffarel

Numerous masses were said on this same day in numerous countries around the world (Brazil, USA, Poland, Africa, Australia etc.) in order to celebrate this important moment and they made us realise, once more, that “it is not men’s thoughts, which are important, but the fact that these thoughts are infused with God’s thoughts.” Father Paul-Dominique Marcovits, o.p., postulator for the Cause for the French part, was designated as ‘the bearer’ in order to ensure that the entire dossier arrived in Rome in the best conditions. There the Cause will follow the procedure, watched over by a new postulator, Father Angelo Paleri in the Vatican. It is essential that we continue to pray for and support the process of canonisation of Father Caffarel so that, in the shortest amount of time possible, we will be able to give thanks because our founder has become one more Saint in the Kingdom of God.

Possessing a gaze and a heart which listen leads us to raise our eyes. In connection with Father Caffarel’s attentive gaze, we can see how his company will always be irreplaceable, as are the tools he entrusted to us in order ‘to do and let God make himself be loved and that we let ourselves be loved.’

Tó et Zé

Un vent de jeunesse semble souffler sur le secteur de Montréal

Quel bonheur de participer à la fête patronale du 7 décembre dernier: un ressourcement vécu dans la simplicité et la fraternité avec une place particulière faite aux enfants des équipiers présents. C’était vraiment rafraîchissant et vivifiant de vivre cet après-midi avec toutes ces jeunes familles – outre deux couples de la région d’Ottawa et nous, les autres participants étaient tous des couples d’équipe jeunes, avec leurs enfants ( 18 ).

Notre ressourcement a débuté par une célébration eucharistique vécue avec les enfants. Ceux-ci nous ont aidés à vivre la partie de la parole grâce à une mise en scène et une réflexion-partage, animées par le Frère Gabriel Côté. Souvent, dans nos communautés paroissiales, les jeunes familles sont rarissimes… Cet après-midi-là, nous avons été témoins d’un vent de renouveau et de jeunesse dans notre église et notre mouvement, grâce à cette fête patronale. Nous avons été touché de vivre cette célébration où les enfants participaient par leur réflexion, connaissaient et chantaient les divers chants de la célébration, aidaient au service à l’autel et, moment culminant du ressourcement, à la fin de l’après-midi, lors de la prière de consécration à la Vierge Marie, chaque famille, en approchant de l’autel, recevait une bougie, et tous priaient en chantant. Ces jeunes familles rayonnaient de la joie du Christ dans leur vie. C’était sublime à vivre.

L’enseignement du Frère Gabriel et les échanges en équipes brassées nous ont permis de nous enrichir de l’expérience de foi des autres et de réaliser, malgré nos différences d’âge et de vécu, que nous sommes tous habités par le Christ, qui teinte nos choix, notre façon de vivre et de voir les autres, notre volonté d’agir pour rendre meilleur notre monde.

Comme, à plusieurs moments dans la vie de Marie, nous sommes repartis de cette fête patronale, en rendant grâce à Dieu pour ses merveilles et, en méditant et en gardant dans notre cœur ces événements. Merci à tous ceux qui ont mis la main à la pâte, pour faire de cette rencontre, ce moment précieux, vécu en Église.

Lucie et Martin (Montréal 39)

Teams of Our Lady Pulpit Talk Campaign

The TOOL Pulpit Talk Campaign is currently underway in the Toronto area and surrounding regions. We

are promoting the Movement through parish communities in order to provide information and presence

of TOOL couples who can answer your questions and gather contact information for potential

Information Sessions in the area.


March 16, 2019 – St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Toronto – Information Session at 5pm

March 24, 2019 – Pulpit Campaign at Holy Name Parish in Toronto

March 26, 2019 – Information Session at Blessed Trinity Parish in North York at 8pm

April 7, 2019 – Information Session at Holy Name Parish in Toronto at 11am


In order to invite a TOOL couple to your parish, please seek permission from your parish Pastor and

obtain a date that will work for the parish. A TOOL couple will present a 3-minute talk and short witness

about the Movement during the parish announcements after each mass. After each mass, they will

make themselves available either in the parish hall or foyer to pass out flyers, answer questions, provide

additional information and collect contact information from couples who are interested in attending an

Information Session. Depending on the area, babysitting can be arranged through TOOL couples or

youth from YTOL during the Information Session, which is usually 1 hour and arranged at a time that is

most convenient for couples from the parish/area.


In order to invite a couple to come speak about Teams of Our Lady in your parish, please contact

Toronto’s Information Couples


Pulpit Campaign

Pulpit Campaign


Toronto Sector New Year’s Get-Together!

On Sunday January 11, seventeen families along with Fr. Peter Marr came together to bring in the New Year with a potluck and some much-needed socializing at St. Hedwig’s Parish in Oshawa.  The majority of the couples were from the east end of the Toronto Sector (Durham) with about 60 children in attendance!


We are continually dedicating our efforts to the Canadian Regional Pastoral Plan set in place back in 2013.  The fruits of our work are coming forth, as our Sector has grown to 15 teams and 2 teams in pilot.  Praise the Lord!