Toronto Sector

Welcome to the Toronto Sector!

We are Marta and Nicolas Pappalardo.  Since we first joined Teams of our Lady in 20013, the Movement has been a wellspring for our marriage and we are eager to see more couples benefit from it.  We accepted the role of Toronto Sector couple in 2019. 

The Toronto Sector is made up of teams located in various part of the City of Toronto (416) and York Region.  At this time, we have a diverse group of teams who meet in three different languages (English, Arabic, Portuguese).  New teams are forming every year and we are becoming increasingly diverse.

Responsible Couple

Marta & Nicolas Pappalardo


If you would like to join a team that is forming in your area, or if you would like to start a team with other married Catholic couples you know in your parish, geographical area, or language community, we would happy to provide you with more information about Teams and the process for moving forward.  Please reach out to us at!