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History of Edmonton Sector

We are Alexandra and Jose Leon. We are the Responsible couple of Edmonton Sector since September 2013. We have being married for 20 years and we have 2 wonderful children. We came to Canada in 2007 and we are originally from Ecuador. Being part of the Teams for the last 5 years has been for us finding our family in Canada, and thanks to the Teams now we know much better how to live day by day as a Catholic married couple.

For us it was a great surprise and a great honor when Angelica and Mario, along with our spiritual counselor asked us to be the new responsible couple for the Sector. To this call we responded immediately and positively knowing that in Edmonton we have a group of couples always willing to collaborate and that with the grace of the Holy Spirit in this mission we would not be alone”

Responsible Couple

Alexandra and Jose Leon


Edmonton Sector Summary

Today, the Edmonton Sector has 9 teams (8 in Spanish and 1 in Portuguese), 47 couples, 4 priest-spiritual counselors, one spiritual accompaniment and 25 couples in piloting. The idea of the movement was brought to Edmonton by father Augusto Garcia in 2001. He “imported” his knowledge from his previous experience in Brasilia where he was part of the movement as well. Ft. Augusto is still accompanying us in our meetings and also as our Sector Spiritual Counselor.

Throughout all these years the Sector has grown and has been strengthened with the help of God and all members. Until this date the teams formed within the Sector are assembled in Edmonton. There are very dynamic on-going piloting groups, one in Edmonton and 4 newer groups started beyond our city in our mission of evangelization: one in Fort McMurray (first piloting group in English) and 3 in Winnipeg. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit we are looking forward to integrating more couples, families and spiritual counselors to our quest of Married Spirituality.

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